James Metzger

James Metzger -

James Metzger

As co-founder and Chairman of Metzger, James is an industry leader, who is always looking to create new revenue streams for the business. This entrepreneurial approach has resulted in the development of the Business Search and Interim Divisions in recent years. James is also committed to establishing effective partnerships with other respected businesses that will complement and integrate with Metzger’s broad range of services. James sits on the Court of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners and is also an active member of a number of trade associations.

What did life hold for you before Metzger?

After an early sales career with Gestetner I trained as a hotelier and spent time in some of London’s prestigious hotels. This provided a great foundation for a role working closely with people and lead naturally to a career in recruitment.

Can you name one person who has really inspired you and why?

I really found great inspiration from my boyhood hero, Gary Sobers – in my opinion the best all round cricketer of all time – an incredible athlete and a real leader of people and a team player. Not many may know that he also played golf at an extremely high level and could have been a professional!

What values do you look for in a candidate?

I need to see honesty, positivity, passion and confidence. I think ‘emotional intelligence’ sums it up – someone not just technically capable for the role but also emotionally ready to meet the challenges.

What would be your best career advice?

Never think you know it all! Continue to learn and practice striving to do better. Always focus on the goal – whether business, sport or any other situation.

Tell me something that no one knows about you?

In my earlier cricket career I had the fortune to score a double hat trick in one over.

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