James Flew

James Flew -

James Flew

Director and co-founder of Metzger some 20 years ago, James spends much of his time interfacing with Metzger clients to establish and agree their business requirements to identify what solutions will perform best and to explore how Metzger can deliver results on challenging, interesting and rewarding assignments. Constantly looking for new innovative ways of improving service, James works to evolve the business and introduce new practices and procedures. James also deals directly with candidates and has an active role throughout the interview processes. He has enviable experience in robust assessment of people, their technical ability, strengths, achievements and qualifications as well as an instinctive appreciation of their motivation, values and characteristics. James’s focus is to enhance sourcing and matching techniques for the business.

What did life hold for you before Metzger?

I attained my broad range of business skills while working in a growing family owned business; with responsibility for all aspects of the business from building production lines, managing the factories, working with contractors, sales and marketing strategy, running the purchasing supply chain and communicating at all levels from the Chairman to the shop floor, this experience gave me a comprehensive grounding in business. I read Business Studies with International Trade and Finance at university before entering the Search and Selection industry in 1990.

Can you name one person that has really inspired you and why?

Let me think … I have utmost respect and awe for the achievements of Isambard Kingdom Brunel who built everlasting ground breaking infrastructures such as the Clifton suspension bridge and closer to our offices the Maidenhead bridge. He always considered the long-term effect of building quality structures and their impact on the environment. I feel his accomplishments mirror those of business today – work together as a team to create something enduring, effective and innovative.

What values do you look for in a candidate?

Beyond the obvious technical capability and qualifications, I really need to see honesty, openness and energy, a commercial awareness and deep-rooted integrity.

What would be your best career advice?

There’s no substitute for hard work and dedication; a commitment to always strive to do better.

Tell me something that no one knows about you?

I am still an avid Glastonbury Festival fan and attend every year.... I love music so combining this with the freedom and entertainment factor creates a great weekend of it!

And finally, what is your burning ambition?

I would love to help young people develop their initiatives and create successful high quality enterprises. For example, I once supported a Slovakian au pair with his ideas until he was in a position to launch his own construction and maintenance business.

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