Metzger Business Search

If your company is looking to expand its operations by growth through targeted acquisitions, Metzger Business Search is ideally placed to assist and support your objectives, especially in the wider Business Services space.

James Metzger, a respected advisor within the Business & Support Services and Infrastructure Services sectors, has an enviable network of contacts combined with extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry. Nick Hamilton has broad business experience across a number of sectors with a strong strategic financial background and considerable experience in mergers and acquisitions.

Together, they can implement a targeted research process to identify potential businesses that match your specific purchasing criteria in terms of sector, product portfolio, turnover and location. They will then make contact with the key player(s) in targeted businesses to qualify the opportunity with a view to bringing suitable prospects and MBS’ client together.

MBS acts only for buyers, and in addition to our discreet and confidential approach:

  • We are focused on the project and will not be fitting it in around other commitments as might well happen should you decided to do this in-house.
  • We act as a confidentiality shield between your strategic objectives and a potentially wide number of market participants.
  • James has a real knack of getting through to the correct person and quickly empathising therewith, as a fellow owner manager.
  • We can often locate businesses that are genuinely available before they are actually for sale.

This process of talking and relating to owner managers and discussing exit routes often finds potential targets before they are formally for sale – a very valuable advantage to clients against only becoming aware/involved when a sale memorandum appears.

Metzger Business Search Limited is not authorised or regulated by the FSA to offer financial advice.
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