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  1. Non-executive directors: Getting the right guru on board

    James Metzger talks to HR Magazine about the reasons for, and challenges of, finding the right NED to join your organisation and then the link below

  2. Does social media play the starring role asks Lorraine Thomas, MD of Metzger Search & Selection

    Lorraine Thomas, MD of Metzger Search & Selection, considers the impact of social networking on recruitment, its benefits as a hiring strategy and the potential pitfalls

  3. Knots, tangles and hitches

    Acquisitions are usually led by a focus on the seller and the first step is having a complete understanding of the buyer’s needs. However, there is merit in putting just as much focus on the buyer, because without thorough knowledge of the buyer’s commercial objectives and capabilities, an acquisition can turn out to be a disappointing white elephant, a waste of time effort and resources.

  4. Talented staff – once you’ve got them, how to keep them.

    Lorraine Thomas of Metzger Search & Selection discusses ways that employers can improve their company and culture to retain talented employees.

  5. Metzger’s Lorraine Thomas becomes a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaners.

    On the 8th February, Lorraine Thomas, Metzger’s Managing Director was inducted as a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Environmental Cleaning. According to tradition, she was ‘clothed’ in the Livery of the Company, witnessed by her peers.

  6. Metzger hosts client event at Gordon Ramsay’s Union Street Café, London.

    Metzger’s clients and professional friends joined the team for an exclusive wine-tasting event on 1st February.

  7. The challenges of recruiting senior cyber-security experts

    James Flew of Metzger Search and Selection discusses reasons for, and challenges of seeking out the right cyber expert to join your company at senior level.

  8. 10 Questions with...

    Each month we ask a cleaning industry professional the Tomorrow’s Cleaning 10 Questions. This month, we chatted to Lorraine Thomas, MD of Metzger Search & Selection.

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